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We have the best collection of Minecraft cheats and console commands. By using this list of cheats, do whatever you want.

The Minecraft cheats are essentially tricks that allow us, for example, the instant kill a particular player, or teleport to a point on the map. In this section of our complete guide to Minecraft we collect all the cheats and console commands.

How to activate Minecraft cheats

Activating the cheats in Minecraft is very simple . When creating a new world for Survival Mode, we must go down in the options menu on the right side, and activate the “Activate Cheats” box . This is the only requirement necessary to activate the console commands.

Keep in mind that activating this option will make it impossible for us to earn achievements or trophies in this world, even if we disable it later. You are warned!

How to download Minecraft

If you did not yet download the most interesting game, click on the download to start.

Complete list of Minecraft cheats and commands

When the cheats are activated, we enter the world of Minecraft that we have created and, at any time, we press the “T” key to open the chat, which also serves as a command console. Once here, we can enter any of the tricks from the list that we leave you below:

Parameter List:

We also add here the list of parameters. The parameters refer to different entities within the game world, such as enemies, other players, animals, and so on. Along with the command of a trick you can add a parameter, and there are the following shortcuts that translate into these actions:

  • @p: the closest player.
  • @r: a random player.
  • @a: all players.
  • @e: all entities.
  • @s: the entity that executes the command.

Minecraft cheats| Making game easy

All of them go between quotes, and to use them you have to write them without them:

  • Store items : “/ dropstore” — Drop all inventory items and store them in a chest that appears nearby.
  • Help : “/ help [CommandName]” — The game gives us information about the command we request.
  • Change weather : “/ weather [Type of weather]” — Allows you to change the weather at will.
  • Change difficulty : “/ difficulty peaceful” — Change “peaceful” to “easy” for easy difficulty, “normal” for normal, and “hard” for difficult.
  • Freeze : “/ freeze” — Paralyzes all entities.
  • Instant growth : “/ instantplant” — Plants grow instantly.
  • Water damage : “/ waterdamage” — Activates or deactivates water damage.
  • Fall damage : “/ falldamage” — Activate or deactivate fall damage.
  • Fire damage : “/ firedamage” — Activate or deactivate fire damage.
  • Give : “/ give [Amount]” — Used to instantly give a player an item from our inventory.
  • Duplicate : “/ duplicate” — Used to copy and drop the object that we have in hand at the moment.
  • Item Durability : “/ itemdamage” — Enables or disables wear and tear on items due to use.
  • Melt object : “/ superheat” — Converts all objects to their molten form.
  • Custom time : “/ time set 1000” — Makes the time of day change to a custom one. We can substitute “1000” for “0” for dawn, “6000” for noon, “12000” for sunset and “18000” for night.
  • Invoke : “/ summon” — Invoke a specific entity or object.
  • Keep inventory on death : “/ gamerule keepInventory true” — Makes us keep all the objects in our inventory when we die. To cancel this trick the command is “/ gamerule keepInventory false”.
  • Kill : “/ kill” — Used to kill any player. If a name is not added afterwards, then we will die.
  • Atlantis mode : “/ atlantis” — Makes the level of the seas and oceans rise very high.
  • Creative Mode : “/ gamemode creative” — ​​Change the game mode to Creative Mode.
  • Survival Mode : “/ gamemode survival” — Change the game mode to Survival Mode.
  • Mount : “/ ride” — Converts the creature we are looking at into a mounted creature.
  • Stop time / make it progress : “/ gamerule doDaylightCycle false” — Freeze time, making it not progress. To reverse this trick, the command is “/ gamerule doDaylightCycle true”.
  • Chop instantly : “/ instantmine” — We break all the blocks with a single click with any tool.
  • World seed: “/ seed” — It gives us the code corresponding to the seed of the world we are in.
  • Teleportation : “/ tp [Player] xy z” — It is used to teleport ourselves or another player to the coordinates we want.

For achieving any goal

  • / give charactername objectname quantity

You have to know a little about how this trick works. It is much easier than it seems, do not worry:

  • charactername is your name.
  • objectname is the name of what you want to add. With a minimum knowledge of English it is very easy to use. For example, diamond_block is a diamond block, iron_helmet is an iron helmet, diamond_pick is a diamond pickaxe … as in the previous case, the game has a small auto-complete function to help you while you type.
  • item quantity is, logically, the number of times that item will appear in your inventory once you enter the cheat

Enchant items

  • / enchant name character name enchantment level enchantment

The thing is a little more complicated in this case. To introduce this trick you must bear in mind the following:

  • charactername is your name.
  • enchantmentname is either the English name of the enchantment or its in-game ID. The game itself has a little “autocomplete” and if you type “fire_pr” for example, they will suggest you type “fire_protection”.
  • level enchantment is a non-mandatory part of the cheat and sets the level of the enchantment that we are going to apply.
  • So, for example, / enchant SaiSaEr fire_protection 3 would apply a level 3 fire protection enchantment to the SaiSaEr character.

Summon characters and NPCs

  • / summon name XYZ
  • In this case, the command makes whatever we name appear , as long as it exists in the game. For example, skeleton makes a skeleton appear, pig a pig, horse a horse, spider a spider, creeper a creeper …
  • The XYZ part is optional and sets the exact coordinates on the XYZ axis of the world. This part is completely optional, if you don’t put it in, whatever you summon will appear next to you.


There are two versions of the teleportation trick and they both work completely differently. Be very careful, because the first one in particular can be difficult to use and end with your death.

  • / teleport charactername XYZ

In this case, charactername is your name and XYZ correspond to the coordinates on the XYZ axis of the world.
Remember that if you appear too high you can end up killed by the fall.

  • / teleport charactername ~ X ~ Y
  • This second teleport command is a lot easier to use, and it teleports you in a horizontal plane , so there is no danger of falling from a great height. It is basically used to travel long distances.
  • Keep in mind that you may appear inside a rock and have to chop to get out , or see yourself in a pile of lava if you don’t know where you are going.
  • charactername is, of course, your character’s name.
  • ~ X corresponds to the movement you will make in the west / east direction. It is a number that corresponds to the number of blocks that you will move in the aforementioned direction. If you move west, the number has a — in front of it.
  • ~ Y corresponds to the movement you will make in the north / south direction. It is a number that corresponds to the number of blocks that you will move in the aforementioned direction. If you move south, the number has a — in front of it.
  • For example, / teleport SaiSaEr ~ -17 ~ 54 will make the character SaiSaEr move 17 blocks west and 54 blocks north.

Minecraft cheats tricks and miscellaneous commands

  • / ability: grant, revoke or query a player’s ability.
  • / advancement: give, delete or check the progress of the players.
  • / attribute — Queries, adds, removes, or sets an entity attribute.
  • / ban: ban a player.
  • / ban-ip: add an IP address to the banned list.
  • / banlist: shows the banned list.
  • / bossbar: create and modify bossbars.
  • / camerashake: used to enable a camera shake effect.
  • / classroommode: enables the editing of restricted blocks.
  • / clear: removes items from the player’s inventory.
  • / clone: copy blocks from one place to another.
  • / code: is used to access the code connection.
  • / collect: collect all objects within a block from the Agent in three dimensions.
  • / createagent — Create an agent at the player’s current position.
  • / data — Gets, merges, modifies, and removes data from block entities and NBT entities.
  • / datapack: controls the loaded data packets.
  • / debug — Start or stop a debugging session.
  • / defaultgamemode — Sets the default game mode.
  • / deop — Revokes a player’s operator status.
  • / effect: add or remove status effects.
  • / fill: fill a region with a specific block.
  • / forceload: force chunks to load constantly or not.
  • / function: executes a function.
  • / immutableworld: allows to establish the immutability of a world.
  • / kill playername: it is used to kill oneself or to kill another specific player. To kill yourself, you don’t have to add a name after “/ kill”.
  • / loot — drops inventory items onto the floor.
  • / msg: show a private message to other players.
  • / op — Grants operator status to a player.
  • / pardon: remove entries from the blacklist.
  • / particle: create particles.
  • / gamerule keepInventory true: it serves to keep all your inventory without losing absolutely anything after dying.
  • / experience add: serves to add a quantity of experience to our player.
  • / dropstore — drops all inventory items and stores them in a chest.
  • / help CommandName: the game offers information about the command we want.
  • / freeze: freeze all entities in the game.
  • / instantplant: all plants grow instantly.
  • / waterdamage: enable or disable water damage.
  • / falldamage “: Activate or deactivate fall damage.
  • / firedamage “: Activate or deactivate fire damage.
  • / itemdamage: enable or disable wear on objects.
  • / duplicate: copy and drop the object that we have in hand at that moment.
  • / superheat: convert all objects to their molten form.
  • / atlantis: the level of the seas and oceans rises very much.
  • / ride — Converts the currently looking creature into a mounted creature.
  • / instantmine: break all the blocks with a single hit with any tool.
  • / seed: delivers the code corresponding to the seed of the world we are in.
  • / raytracefog — Adjusts the ray tracing fog.
  • / save: prepare a backup, check its status, or summarize it.
  • / save-all: save the server to disk.
  • / schedule: delays the execution of a function.
  • / setmaxplayers: sets the maximum number of players allowed to enter.
  • / spreadplayers: teleports entities to random places.
  • / stopsound: stops a sound.
  • / worldborder — Manage the edge of the world.
  • / worldbuilder: enables restricted block editing.

I hope this guide helps you to do whatever you want to do in game. If you want to see more article like this, visit our site daily for interesting posts.



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