How to charge a laptop without a charger

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How to charge a laptop without a charger

How to charge a laptop without a charger

While cleaning the room, he found an old laptop that he hadn’t used in years, left with no trace of its charger. So you’ve decided to give it a new life (thought to use it as a “media hub” to connect to a tv or as a PC to exchange files on the network), but you’re perfectly aware that, without your valuable charger, you can’t provide the power to run (or even to charge the battery is still installed in the laptop PC).

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If this is very your situation, you should not be afraid to remove the newly found laptop PC: in this line, in fact, I will show you by wire and by signal How to charge a laptop without a charger .

To be successful in this endeavor, it is enough to provide information about laptop PC power supply: I can guarantee that once this is done, it will be very easy to replace the original charger in the right way, choose at least two correct solutions: a suitable charger or source External power supplies, such as power banks, and issue costs are very low.

So, without hesitation again, make yourself reasonable and carefully read the advice that I will give during this guide: you will see, you will be able to understand how to solve your problem brilliantly in a few minutes. At this point, there is nothing more that I need to do but hope you read well and, why not, good luck!

How to charge a laptop PC without a charger. First: Identify the voltage and amperage

Before finding out how to charge a laptop PC battery that is missing from the charger, you need to learn about the voltage (the electrical voltage that can operate the device in question) and in the meantime (the number of devices that can be properly handled) compatible with the laptop battery and hardware.

Errors from this point of view can be very dangerous and cause short circuits that destroy, which can damage the PC, blow up the electrical system or, even worse, cause physical harm to those operating the notebook PC: so, be very careful Pay attention to what you read further, and if you are not sure what to do, seek the opinion of a more expert person as well.

Usually, voltage and amperage information is clearly indicated on the original Notebook PC charger, however, it can also be obtained from the label attached to the bottom of the PC, which also contains information such as MAC address and serial number, or the label of the battery connected to the device (assuming you still ready).

Once the label is identified, check the voltage and ampere required for Pc / battery power — In general, on a notebook PC, the voltage can fluctuate from 15V to 24V at direct current, while temporarily it can drop 3A y 5A (based on laptop power) .

At the time you have the option, as I will explain later in this guide, make sure that the output voltage is identical to what is indicated on the laptop PC (to avoid overload issues) and is temporarily at least the same projection as indicated on the laptop : Charger 5A is compatible well good for charging 3A laptop PC. Although you should not connect a charger with a lower amperage than required by a notebook PC, when you risk causing serious damage, burn the power supply (which, in this case, should produce excessive current to properly power the device).

Also, you should pay careful attention to the type of input voltage (or input) compatible with the charger you are going to choose, making sure that the latter is also compatible with the electrical network in question: the reference value should be equal to 100–240V (y back and forth and AC ) and supports dual electrical frequencies, namely 50–60 Hz ; The incoming amperage, on the other hand, is generally set to 2A . Be sure to figure these out, because they vary depending on the country you travel to.

Identify the appropriate connector.

Now that you have the necessary information about the required voltage and amperes, you need to think about one last important detail: is the power connector compatible with your laptop PC.

Usually a special power supply housing is on one of the laptop side housings — FYI, not all “plugs” are the same, but each manufacturer has a different connector (with a specific length and thickness) and it’s not uncommon to find laptop power connectors that are different from that manufacturer. the same.

When choosing, make sure that the charger does not have a single connector (specifically, for example, for special notebook PC models): fortunately, most compatible chargers include almost all the “plugs” in circulation, which They can easily install on the end of the cable charger.

For example, regarding Apple portable PCs , the problem is quite different: For newer MacBooks (including the Air and Pro) there are three types of connectors that are specific, which we show below.

  • On MacBooks that were produced from 2009 to 2012, it was possible to find an “L” connector called MagSafe ;
  • Produced between 2012 and 2015, you can find a «T» connector called MagSafe 2 ;
  • Or in the Kindle Book produced from 2016, you can just look for the USB Type-C connector .

How to charge a notebook PC without a charger

Once the theoretical part of this guide is completed, it’s time to take action and explain c How to charge a laptop battery without a charger : In practice, you can choose to buy a rechargeable powerbank , useful for supplying electricity to the battery included in a portable PC or to be equipped with a supply Suitable power , to work both for recharging operations and for supplying power to the PC directly from the electrical network.

External battery / powerbank

If you want to use an external battery (power bank) to charge your PC, you should consider buying a device with sufficient amperage to provide the power needed for charging operation.

Personally, I recommend that you choose a tool that has the same capacity and greater than 20000 is , thus flood pangageungna laptop battery can easily diapasangkeun.

Also, pay attention to the connector park that is included in the sales package: you’ll find yourself using a power bank that is meant to recharge the battery of a laptop PC, since it’s only the presence of a “Classic” USB cable is somewhat limiting.

Therefore, please read the product characteristics carefully and make sure that a variety of electrical connectors that will work with Notebook PCs are available (e.g. MagSafe For older Macs, the bolts are interchangeable for laptops and / or «common» USB Type connectors -C for modern laptops).

Personally, I don’t recommend using a power bank when you need very high computing power — since it’s a power source with limited capacity, in fact, it can quickly dry and find you ‘dry’ when you don’t expect it. So if you intend to use the laptop in a long or demanding session from an energy consumption standpoint, I recommend you choose to purchase a suitable power supply .

Compatible power supply

If you intend to power the Notebook PC (or charge the battery) directly from a power source, you can rely on a suitable power supply, that is, on the charger, thanks to the connectors provided and Special adjustable transformers , it can adapt to the voltage / the amperage required by different types of portable PCs, and conduct it in complete safety.

In any case, always pay attention to the information requested and supply of electricity and when choosing, follow the advice that I gave in the previous section.

Finally, before proceeding with your purchase, make sure that the power supply you are going to select is equipped with the correct connector required by your PC (“plug”, USB Type-C or MagSafe). These are some of the products that you can use to replace the “standard” power supply that unfortunately doesn’t exist.

In general, using this power supply is very simple: all you need to do is identify the most suitable connector for your notebook PC, connect it to the end of the power cord, and use the device exactly as it was originally. As for Apple laptops, to avoid damage and unwanted surprises when starting, I recommend you buy the original cable and charger directly.

Along with Pc, did you also find an old cell phone and even in this case the charger is missing? So I really think I got what you need: look on my web page for my guide on how to load your phone without a charger in fact, I explain perfectly how to behave in case there is such an event.



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